Episode 13

Published on:

26th Apr 2024

Wages and Engagement Predictions for Our Industry

Season 4, Episode 13: Welcome back to Keeping it Real with Dr. Kuehl. This week Dr. Kuehl focuses on the relationship between our industry and the people centric workers within. He talks to members about wages and personnel engagement for 2024 within our industry.

ASA Chief Economist Dr. Chris Kuehl is back with his weekly economic update podcast. In Season 4, Episode 13 (7:36 in length), Dr. Kuehl talks about what our industry is seeing/predicting for wages and personnel engagement for 2024.     

  • Worker shortage, are there any surprises?     
  • How are we dealing with the worker shortages?      
  • Is there any data on whether salaries are on the rise, steady or declining?      
  • Where does AI come into play?       
  • Any ideas on average percentages of increase?       
  • How fast are wages growing?      
  • Will our industry remain employee starved?        
  • Where will we see layoffs if there are any?      
  • Immigration, refugees, and the skilled. What is the solution?

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A weekly podcast, “Keeping it Real with Dr. Kuehl,” debut in July 2020. In these podcasts, ASA Chief Economist, Dr. Chris Kuehl, provides a brief 5-10 minute economic update on areas of keen interest to ASA members, including industrial PVF commodities.